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Buying Your First Car Part 2: A Guide

Posted by on Aug 15, 2016

Buying Your First Car Part 2: A Guide

When you’re buying your first car you have to stay calm. We totally get how exciting it is to step into a showroom and smell the new car smell and know you’ll be driving away with your new car that day. We know it’s exciting but excitement doesn’t mean smart thinking. You can walk into a dealership and have a look, you’re under no obligation to buy the first car you see no matter how wonderful an offer may be. You can easily be lured in by offers of 0% and repayment holidays with a new car but you have to be careful and check your options because you may be able to find a car with a better offer.

Ask questions and listen to the advice you’re given. If you are a brand spanking new driver, get an experienced friend to come along with you when you buy your car. They’ll be able to give you some sound advice about what you should be looking for. Don’t let them take over though! Everyone has their own opinions on the cars that should be bought but you may have a different idea and that’s ok. Your friend perhaps may be shopping around for wheel spacers in the UK and therefore be narrow minded on the types of car you’re looking at.

Whatever the nice salesman says, remember what you’ve chosen and what you need the car for and be aware that most salesmen are there to make a sale and make commission so don’t be blind-sided. Use that research you’ve done and showing you know what you’re talking about can be a very powerful tool when talking to salesmen and you could save a lot of money. There’s also the chance you’ll be offered lots of lovely additions and extra features but stay steady; those add-ons cost money! You can haggle as well so once it comes to talking numbers, be forceful about it but not rude. If you’re getting to the price you want make that offer and see what they say. They can only say no or haggle you some more! You’re not obliged to take the car either so if you don’t get the price or the offer you want, you can walk away.

When you’re in the show room and before you walk away, make sure you’ve asked about returns policies, weaknesses in the car, any costs involved in delivering one to you (mainly if you’ve bought new) and how long the car will take to arrive. Always consider that the cost of returning a car if you’ve chosen to buy online. Buying a car sight unseen is something of a risk so do your homework and check for warranties. You don’t want to get stung just because you bought online. Ultimately, the best thing you can do is really enjoy your new purchase!